Mapping Mortality: A Town-by-Town Glimpse

Ireland Excess Deaths presents a comprehensive view of mortality rates across various towns in Ireland for the year 2023. With a straightforward yet detailed layout, it enables visitors to select a county, then delve deeper to explore the specific data of each town. This meticulously compiled data provides a vivid picture of the death toll variations, allowing for a granular analysis of how different areas have been affected. A visit to this page offers a glimpse into the stark reality of mortality, bridging statistical analysis with the human aspect of loss and community impact.

Table Columns:

Base Deaths (BD): 2015-2019 average deaths per year 

2023 Deaths (’23D):  Total Deaths from 2023

Excess Deaths % (ED%): % Increase/Decrease between 2023 Deaths and the 2015-2019 average deaths

Base Sudden Deaths (BSD): 2015-2019 Sudden or Unexpected average deaths per year 

2023 Sudden Deaths (’23SD):  Total Sudden or Unexpected  Deaths from 2023

Excess Sudden Deaths % (ESD%): % Increase/Decrease between 2023 Sudden or Unexpected  Deaths 

and the 2015-2019 Sudden or Unexpected average deaths per year

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